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What Our Customers Say / Testimonials

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“Below are photographs taken by a recipient of Perfect C over a 4 month period. The results speak for themselves"

“You don’t realise when you see yourself on a daily basis, just how much of an improvement taking the tablets have made. See for yourself."


                 Before                          After a Four Month Course

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Tania’s Bust Improvement | 34B to 36C

Tania was one of the four ladies In the Daily Mail challenge who used different breast enhancement products and was the only one who had any positive change in her bust size using Perfect C at the end of the month challange.

The other day I was getting changed in our bedroom when my husband slowly appraised my underwear-clad figure and told me how attractive and curvy I looked. I was amazed. Though he can be very complimentary, one thing he never dwells on is my shape — or rather lack of it — as he knows how sensitive I am.

Until I started this bikini challenge, whenever I looked in the mirror, it reflected an unflattering 'tree trunk'. I'm only 5ft 2in and weigh 8 stone so I've got no hips, bottom or bust. In fact, before this test I had been considering breast enhancement surgery — I never imagined something non-invasive could make a difference. I had deliberately not told my husband that for the past month I had been trying over-the-counter treatments to improve my body shape. So when I admitted that my curves were down to nothing more than creams and herbal supplements, he was astonished.

I had been very sceptical that taking a herbal supplement — The Perfect C — three times a day would really have any effect. The tablets contain ingredients such as fennel seed and Mexican wild yam, which it claims triggers growth in breast tissue.

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has referred to the product as her 'herbal boob job', but until I saw the results for myself — after only four weeks — I'd never have believed it. When I measured myself at the end of the month, I'd gone up a cup size from a 34B to a 36C.

Featured In New Woman, The Daily Mail, News Of The world, Ok & Live It Naturally


The herbal supplements I've been taking to increase my bust really do seem to be doing the trick. They're called the Perfect C, and in the past six weeks I've gone from an A to a B cup. I feel all woman!"
Tara Palmer-Tompkinson, It Girl ,UK

I've been taking Perfect C for 10 weeks. I am extremely pleased so far and my breasts have increased by a cup size. Like most women, I was initially concerned. However, my new breast size have left me with no doubt regarding the authenticity of your product. I am extremely happy and even more happy to spread the Perfect C word.” - Tracey S, London

“I have been taking Perfect C for 6 weeks now and I'm very happy with the results, so far I have increased my cup size by an inch. My breasts are much fuller and firmer, this was noticeable in the first month of taking the tablets. I've purchased a three month course and will defiantly buy more in the future to increase my bust size further. I was a bit sceptical about buying Perfect C as I previously tried another brand of tablets which I took for 6 months and saw no results. I'm very happy I decided to give Perfect C a go”. Hayley D, 23 Wales

“Before starting the Perfect C my bra size was a rather empty 32B . I seemed to notice a change in the feel of my breasts within a few weeks of taking 'perfect c' After 6 weeks I went to a department store and got measured and found that I am now a 32C. My breasts defiantly look fuller and as I wasn't expecting any results for a few months (being 36) I am very pleasantly surprised.” Lorraine S, 36, Newcastle

I’m writing to tell you and and anybody interested in Perfect C that I'm extremely happy with the results. Within a three month course I have felt fuller, firmer and now, afar being measured, I’m very pleased to say I have gone up a cup size!
I didn’t think I would notice much difference, but this course of treatment has defiantly worked for me and I have already recommenced Perfect C to my friends! Thank you. L Fletcher, 22, Wales

“I am 47 years old and, after having 7 children, had given up all hope of looking and feeling confident about my body again.. I bought 3 months supply for a friend who was younger than me and after a month she started to see results so I decided to give it a try. I have to be honest and say that I didn’t notice anything dramatic in the first few weeks but after that I started to notice that instead of ‘sagging’ my breasts were feeling and looking a lot firmer. I am continuing to take the product and now the firmness is increasing along with the size . I am now happier and more confident with the way that I look than I have been in a long time.  Thanks.Veronica, age 47, Newcastle

“I started taking Breast Enhancement capsules as I was very flat-chested and I am delighted with the results In two months I've increased to a ‘B’ cup and I intend to keep on taking them.”
Nadia, age 26, Sunderland

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